Below are video samples of my work. Skills utilized in the sample are listed in parentheses. More can be found on my personal YouTube page, the Coliseum Sports Network, or at Crucial Baskets.

Sim of the Week: Kawhi leads Raptors, drops 32 on Hornets
(basketball play-by-play, video editing)

Novato Project Game 9/9: Championship Game, Bulls vs. Suns
(full game basketball play-by-play)

Coliseum Sports Network: 2014 CBCS Game 3 Tigers at Astros
(baseball play-by-play, live streaming)

Illinois College Sports Report
(hosting, video editing, voice over, green screen, graphics)

Leatherneck Sports Update
(anchoring, video editing, feature reporting)

Inside Leatherneck Athletics
(interviewing, video editing)

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